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So here it is. In our office chiropractic care is about providing life, healing, growth and repair. Let me repeat that chiropractic is the study of LIFE, HEALING, GROWTH and REPAIR. Just in case you didn’t get that …we give LIFE, HEALING, GROWTH, REPAIR with every adjustment delivered in my office.

Yesterday I had the privilege and honour to travel to Bolton to see an amazing Chiropractor in Bolton. Dr. Ryan French. He is a friend, mentor and colleague. His vision is huge. Mine just became larger.

When you begin to understand how to share the message of chiropractic care that eloquently, lives are forever changed.

The body heals from the inside out…not the outside in.  The nerve system controls function but also all the healing in the  body.   We don’t get sick because we forgot to take a pill today. Really health does not come in a bottle, pill or lotion. We are humouring ourselves if we think that. Health is a process and comes from the inside out.

If there is pressure on the system that RUNS and HEALS the body, our overall function and healing is decreased…substantially.

You can loose your health over time and it take TIME to regain our health.

You would not expect an orthodontist to fit or correct improper dental structures over night, nor can or does a chiropractor alter and correct nerve stress over night.

Phase 1 spinal degeneration has been there at least 10 years, phase 2 degeneration at least 20 years and phase 3 degeneration 30 year. Once you reach phase 4 this is uncorrectable.

Your body is inherently strong and has the ability to heal.

It is not ” weak and needs assistance to heal” it is inherently strong and has the ability to heal…once the stress on the system that heals is removed. That is called subluxation.

Subluxation decreased your body’s ability to heal and function.

If  I had a room full of 12 pot lights and ALL AT ONCE all 12 lights went out. Where would I go???? I would go to the electrical panel. It would be silly for me to leave the room and come back with…12 new light bulbs. If the problem was electrical simply putting 12 new bulbs in would not do ANYTHING.

This is the same as patching a problem with drugs, pills, lotions…it does nothing to address the issue. Nothing.

A question a chiropractor asks is ” Is you body working well” and ” can we make it work better”. Our job is not to find the source of pain and fix. Our job is to release the innate healing capacity within the body and provide LIFE, HEALING, GROWTH, REPAIR to tissue.

On a daily basis in my office I see evidence of this. I see babies born to women who were told they could not have babies due to infertility. I see children do better in school and get off antidepressants. I see YEARS and decades of constipation go away. I see attitudes become better. I see patients blossom and come alive in body, mind and spirit again.  I see asthmatic children not need the puffers anymore. I see bedwetting stop. I see children do better in sports.

What is your motivation in life and in health?

We all plan for our financial back account….what about our health bank account?

I just don’t want to be normal or average I want to be and live and extraordinary life.

I get checked regularity by my chiropractor not ” so I don’t go backwards” but ” so I can go forward”…there is a huge difference.

What is your motivation in health and life? What are you, or can you, be doing differently today for a better tomorrow. Your life and health depend on it.


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