Who will you Inspire

I want to inspire people. I want some one to look at me and say “ because of you I didn’t give up”.
I came across this quote the other day. It is very impactful. It says to me – this is how I want to live me life, this is how I want others to see me , this is how I want to see myself and this is how I want to be remembered.
I think we each are given a gift. And the gift is our life. How we choose to live it and lead it matters. I think we have the opportunity to, with our actions, impact and inspire others.
Inspire is a great word. It does not mean “ look at me look what I am doing and look what I am about”.  It rather says , I think, “look at what I am able to do when I put my heart and my head into it” or . “Look at what I know is possible for you with your head and heart”.
Inspire means to me to lead by example, lead people to explore the greatness that is uniquely within us all.
We all have different goals, talents and abilities. I have always said this and believed this. Your goals and dreams are not my goals and dreams. What I am lead and called to do is very different than what you are lead and called to do.
Inspire others to greatness. In doing so you will become great yourself.
Leave a legacy, be a legend.
In our office my goal is to unite, support and inspire families under chiropractic care towards a lifetime of wellness.
Inspire someone today.

That means someone looks at you, looks what you have accomplished and the trail you are blazing and, wants not to join in and ride your coat tails- but do the same in their life. They don’t just “ wish” they could do the same…no they want to do and be great themselves to leave a mark on the lives of others.
Dr. L
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