wondering, watching and waiting…

Wondering, watching and waiting…

July 30th 2013

Our adventure over the last month has been …just that a – venture-  into the unknown and unchartered territory.

When you have a baby in the NICU your days become all consumed with wondering, watching and waiting. You wonder…what the doctors will do, what they are thinking, how your baby is doing. You watch…as all the tubes and needles go in and out, all the doctors and specialists come and go, the nurses care for your baby. You wait…as all the test results come back, by the bed side, for your baby to grow, for you to go home.

We are so very thankful for the care of the NICU team, for the compassion, knowledge and expertise. We are so thankful for the medical expertise. I know in my heart, that the combination of western allopathic care and all the energetic healing practices we employed to make our baby well did just that …” made our baby well”.

Going through the process there were days that were very scary, very calm, very ” going through the motions”, very emotional. There were days that I talked alot and others where I didn’t.

When you are in the centre of a spiral that seems to spin and spin and spin you just want it to stop…just for a minute.

Then one day it did.

The day that I will always remember is when the NICU neonatologists said ” all of lucy’s problems seem to be going away”. That was a wonderful, brilliant day.

We were able to bring her home and now she is thriving ( not just surviving), growing and glowing. The day all the tubes came out was the day she began to gain weight.

I know the intelligence that made her body is that which is now supporting all healing, growth and repair. The day after we had her spine check and adjusted by my colleague and friend Dr. Peter Amlinger all her body chemistry began to normalize….and i mean all of her chemistry that was out of balance, began to clear out. Gases that were high came down, gases that were low came up, ph that was low came up, her breathing normalized, markers in her blood were gone.  He adjusted her upper cervical spine and occiput which he believed in her speedy entrance into this world ( 15 minutes from 6 cm to 10 cm dilation and she was born)…that this was a shock to her system. Though i am a chiropractor i needed someone else to check her outside of my emotional connection. I needed his expertise.

It became very apparent the effect 100 % connection and support of all body functions through the nerve system can be…then we wondered, watched and waited for all the md’s to be amazed, for test results to come back clear, for her body to heal, for time to be on our side…to go home.

 This absolutely changed the course of her healing and our stay in the hospital.

I continue to check her and see how she holds the adjustments.

We wonder, watch and wait to see how this little medical mystery continues to exemplify the chiropractic principle that is ” the power that made the body is the power that heals”.

Dr. Peter is sharing her story and his involvement on the stage of a chiropractic conference this weekend in Atlanta Georgia- Dynamic Essentials …here comes Lucy.

Dr L 🙂