These are all positive words that change your physiology!

This blog is all about inspiration. When you receive a chiropractic adjustment your body and mind can do wonderful things. When you get adjusted your body relaxes immediately. That feeling can be felt as: relaxation, wonderful, healing, breathing, letting go, centred. When we get that feeling it can be seen as an instantaneous feeling. Over time it is a long term, sustained effect.

The feeling one gets after adjustment can be felt right down to your toes. Why is this? The adjustment lights up the brain and dials down the stress response. When the stress response is high our body feels like it is being chased by a bear all the time. Our brain is super vigilant all the time. It never ever stops. It is constantly going. This is a dangerous place to be. The body is anticipating and reacting to an environment, even when the environment is that of relaxation. Our body reacts to the bear that is not there. The chronic stress response feels like anxiety, breath shortness, tightness, tingling, fleeting, jittery. Literally waiting for the next shoe to drop and our reaction to little things is 10x.

Stress words are the opposite of relaxation descriptive words.

In our office on the counter we have a jar of power words. We know the power of words. They can become part of you.

Our suggestion is for patients to choose a word from our power word jar, think about it, think about what the word means or how they can “be“ that word today.

What is your word?


Enjoy health today


Dr. L