You never know…

So today is my birthday and…you never know how the day is going to just get better and better. I walked into my office today this morning, and my assistant was on the phone with someone who clearly knew me from the past. 2004 was mentioned in the conversation, that is a while ago…you never know.

So my assistant slipped me a piece of paper that indicated who this lady was, where i knew her from and that was, at my first job out of chiropractic college in a rehab setting in missisauga…you never know. I recognized this lady’s name.

 We spoke on the phone as she began to tell me i cared for her in 2004 at the facility…you never know. She told me that she has never forgotten my kindness that many years ago, she has been looking how to find me and placed my maiden name in google as that was what she knew me as…you never know. The story ends that she remembered my birthday as i seem to have that much of an inspiration in her life. She purposely called today to wish me a happy birthday and tell me that she always remembered me and that there was never another one like me…you never know.

She came upon my website, and tried to find a picture of me to compare too. She read the testimonials i have on my website and knew instantaneously that she was in the right spot and had found me…you never know.

We chatted and i thanked her very much for the call.

How does it get any better than that.

I retell this inspirational story as you never know where you go, no matter how many years ago you have impact and influence on people’s lives in ways you …never know.

Dr. L:)
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