Your Face

Today in ” class” we sparked a discussion on faces. By class I mean the class i have co-created with Jackie Emmons that is seriously changing the shape and face of businesses in the city…and beyond. It is called ” Get Going…Get Growing in Business”.

The discussion…I provided the analogy of the “face” of your business and how it is very similar to YOUR face. What do I mean by that?. I mean it is an authentic expression of YOU. And ( unless you are an identical twin)…no one else out there has the same face as you. Your business ( your face) has characteristics all on its own. It has a personality all of its own. It has distinguishing features. Even if you have the same ” business category” as someone else …your businesses ( although similar in certain areas) can be vastly different. That is the beauty of business creation, the world is your canvas to go and create.

We were discussing the ” should’s of business”, we “should”, we “ought” to we “need” to. You can choose the face of your business and your life and we need to not measure our business against the ” faces” or the ” should’s” of other businesses. That will expand your world.

Put your best face forward…speaking of faces I just had a new headshot done. Michalea is amazing.

check out her work !!

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