Your Team

We all have a team. There is no ” I ” in team we have all heard that before. That team can be comprised of our family, friends, colleagues, business partners, staff.

Qualities of a team:

A team supports, guides, assures and comforts you.

A team raises you up.

A team helps you know what you don’t know.

A team helps you be better.

A team collaborates.

A team works together.

A team has the interests of each member at heart.

In terms of your health ensure you have a team. Who is on your team? Who fulfills the qualities above?

When you are searching out members to support and guide you are your journey of health interview, prequalify and research them.

My “team” may look very different from your ” team”.

On my health team i have decided to have a pool of alternative practitioners. This may not be the case for everyone. My choices are guided by the innate wisdom I know to be true. All my choices reflect and embody that.  Having a team member which didn’t align with my views would be very contradictory. I prequalify and only invite practitioners onto my ” team” who hold the same views as I do.

Who is on your team?

Who supports, guides and aligns with your health decisions?

On my health team I have a : chiropractor, reiki practitioner, sound healer, yoga master, registered holistic nutritionist, massage therapist, certified access facilitator, coach, meditation instructor just to list a few.

Have you ever thought of your health as a team approach. There is no ” I ” in team. It is valuable to have the gifts, talents and abilities from different modalities as each can offer something.

Open yourself up to receive the gifts and talents and abilities from different modalities.

Be an active participant in your own health and healing. Going to a facility that ” tells me what to do” or ” instructs me to take this because they said so” …does not align with who I am . I choose not to go there. I am an active participant in my own healing and health. Are you?

Who is on your team?

Dr. L
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